Company Incorporation in Colombia.

The foreign investment has grown significantly in Colombia during the last years. Contacto Estratégico Outsourcing has rendered its services to European, North and Latin American companies who wanted to establish their business in Colombia.

We’ve carried out investments, hiring personnel and buiding infrastructures which have contributed to Colombia’s development.

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We have assisted to some big foreign industrial investors to create new companies, subsidiariaries and agencies in Colombia. During such incorporating process, we have prepared Company’s Statues, registered, obtained RUT (VAT No.), set up all services at the different Administrations Offices, assisted on the opening of the bank account, and set up all the Backoffice Services.

We can definitely help you to establish your business in Colombia so that you can develop your activity in our country in a safe and control manner.

We provide our Outsourcing Services to Foreign Companies since many years ago. Those are companies of Professional Services related to the Financial Sector, Industrial and Civil Works. We also have technological companies which are growing in number during the last years.

Professional Services 


Business Challenge

Fixed, variable cost and expense application for the right margin determination. We provide timely reports for a proper follow up of the budget.


We have worked for a long time on the reporting design for each service to provide accurate and quick data so that you can act accordingly. We are aware that not all the services can be analyzed with a single methodology.



Business Challenge

Technological companies use to involve hours of work for executing their projects. Therefore, they are the basis for the accounting assignment system as well as the reporting and the analysis of the financial statement of the companies.


Such sector is growing quite fast and our experience can be very useful to define strategies and accounting proceedings.

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