Accounting, Tax and Payroll Outsourcing Services for your activity in Colombia.

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Why do business in Contacto Estrategico?

When you decide to work with Contacto Estratégico you will have more opportunities to grow your business because you will be able to have everything under control: administrative and financial activities, accounting analysis, taxes and payroll. Learn about Andres’ history and his successful relationship with our company.

How to do business in Colombia?

Know the risks and challenges of your industry in Colombia, and discover how to define fundamental aspects from the corporate, exchange, state, labor, tax and environmental point of view.


Exchange System



Company Incorportation in Colombia.

The Foreign Investment has grown significantly in Colombia during the last years. Contacto Estratégico Outsourcing has rendered its services to European, North and Latin American companies who wanted to establish their activities in Colombia.

Our Services

In addition to accounting and tax advice, we offer outsourcing services in payroll, payments, legal representation,, among others.

Tax Outsourcing

We identify tax opportunities taking into account the industry, the type of company, among others.

Legal Advice

We have excellent expert lawyers who have a total dedication of time for consultations.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll settlement incorporates multiple processes and therefore must be accurate and timely.

How to create partnerships in Colombia?

We have the capacity to handle accounting for overseas businesses.

Accounting Outsourcing

We record transactions, accumulate operations for information maintenance and much more.

Our Allies


Quality Policy

The quality of our services and its continues improvement is our top priority. Our maximum happiness is the satisfaction of our Clients. See our Quality Policy here.